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Cake Decorating Course: Week 1

So I started a 6 week evening course doing cake decorating last night. After I got over the initial feelings of dread, panic, horror at being back at school, wondering if anyone was going to like me and worrying that I might not be cool, I got on quite nicely!

It turned out I was one of the cool ones (at least I think I was, but I may be biased) and it also turns out that everyone else felt equally apprehensive about returning to the learning environment… after a few awkward comments about the weather and the traffic, we found some common ground.

The class started off with some theory, at which point I realised I had come completely unprepared and had forgotten my notepad and pen. When I say forgotten, I mean that I hadn’t at any point considered bringing one – the first black mark against my course record (tut tut tut). I managed to dig out a pen from the depths of my handbag and began frantically scribbling notes on the back of a course handout that had been passed my way by the lovely lady that was teaching the class. PHEW

We then spent the rest of the evening colouring sugar paste, rolling it as thinly as possible and cutting out shapes in various shapes and sizes. My sugarcraft partner and I chose the colour yellow and selected flower cutters in various sizes. We then set about gluing the flower shapes together to make different patterns and designs. I was surprised at how DIFFICULT I found this. All of a sudden, what size, shape and colour of flower and what order to glue them together in, became the hardest decision of my life. Needless to say this resulted in a huge amount of dithering and indecision and the outcome was some fairly unimaginative creations, which you can see here

Sugarpaste flowers 2.1

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