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Cake Decorating Course: Week 2

This week brings about my return to the classroom (after some difficulty recalling where the classroom was and wandering around quite lost in search for a recognisable face). So it turns out, I return to the classroom minus all the equipment I was supposed to purchase for the course. WHAT EQUIPMENT?! What equipment indeed. It had completely slipped my mind… not even a last panic purchase on Amazon and next day delivery can get me out of my predicament. The second black mark against my record *sniffsniff*. Fortunately, my partner in sugarcraft has got my back and lets me borrow her equipment, but only after I dazzle her with my electric personality. HARHARHAR. Grovelled at her feet more like!

This week we are making models and me being the classic crazy cat lady, I decided to model a cat. I was actually gobsmacked at how well it turned out! Granted, I need to work on the proportions a bit and perhaps scale down the giant bat ears I gave it…but all in all I am very proud of my model making skills! I tried to make it at detailed as I could without losing his cartoony appeal, which was easier said than done with sweaty palms and shaking hands. I even got to buy a loaf of freshly made milk bread from the baking class next door – it was only 50p, bargain!!

Cat 2

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