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Cake Decorating Course: Week 3

Week 3 is all about royal icing! My equipment finally turned up and I came fully prepared with the piping nozzles I needed! We learned how to make royal icing and how to make our own piping bags out of baking paper, which will be really handy considering how expensive they are to buy in the shops… After talking about how royal icing works and the pros and cons of using it we got started. I fell at the first hurdle. Somehow I managed to push my piping nozzle up into the piping bag and lose it in the icing when I filled up my piping bag! Icing covered hands rinsed and piping nozzle retrieved, I began trying my hand at piping straight lines. I managed to grasp this relatively quickly and moved onto dots and stars which were a bit harder to keep neat and tidy. I started trying to write names with the icing, and once you have to start doing curves and circles with the icing it gets really hard! I was finding it incredibly hard to turn the corners and make the tails on the letters… but practise makes perfect!! But I have not yet practised and I am not yet perfect. In fact, I am so bad that I cannot bear to show you a photo of it!

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