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Cake Decorating Course: Week 4

This week we are doing unwired flowers (YAY), this is the day I have been waiting for! We choose colours for our paste and I very unimaginatively chose pink and white (at this point I am slightly worried that if I don’t choose a classic rose colour no one will know what it is, so I choose safe). We learned how to make roses without using any tools – all you need is a pair of hands. How mad is it that you can make a rose using absolutely no tools?! One day I may show you all how it is done, but it would require a video to be made and I just don’t think I am ready for that… I am sure if you consult YouTube there will be an excellent tutorial for you all to watch (such as this one We also learned how to make roses by curling up a long piece of folded over paste, mine just look like spirals so I will have to practise getting them to look more like flowers! You can see my attempts here:

Roses and bow

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